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Natural Portraiture

Being a mom and a photographer, I naturally have many pictures of my kids. When my babies were small I photographed them as the fad was back then: loud colors and unnatural props. As I look at those pictures now they do not speak to me at all, because that’s not how I remember my babies. What evokes emotions and memories are not the images of my son stuffed in a basket with a bright blue hat covering his head. What makes me remember his soft newborn skin, his velvety fuzz, his tiny hands and curled up figure are the natural pictures of him in my arms. The images of him wrapped up in a blanket on my bed, of him peacefully sleeping with his chin stuffed into his chest.

Knowing how incredibly priceless these memories are, I have developed a style that allows me to capture your little ones naturally, just the way they are. That means that I stay away from bright colors that distract, and instead use beautiful natural light, soft calming tones, and simple items in my sessions.  My goal is to draw out raw emotion and natural posing, while still carefully fine-tuning and directing each pose to achieve portraits where connection and emotion shine through. These are the portraits that will tug at your heartstrings in the years to come. They will bring back all the special moments you spent holding your newborn, hugging your toddler and laughing with your family.




Conveniently located in Tigard, my in-home studio is the perfect, quiet place for a relaxing session. It is filled with soft natural light, creamy wraps and wardrobe options for you and your newborn, and a cozy place for you to rest during the session.




Located near the studio, the field has the perfect combination of golden light and soft grasses and flowers for a beautiful backdrop. Field sessions are available between May and September for maternity, children and family sessions and take place during golden hour (one hour before sunset).


I would love to start planning your session with Cadeau Photography! Please GET IN TOUCH HERE, or directly at | 971.231.6370.

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